Cosmic Fortune

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Cosmic Fortune

Type: Progressive Slot
The first ever 5 jackpot video slot form NetEnt, Cosmic Fortune, 3 of which are progressive jackpots and might I say, out of this world (no pun intended)! This amazing slot his packed with features such as 2 bonus games and Free Fall which we will discuss later on in this article. But all of this is to ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck and cash out those big wins. In the game there’s this awesome feature call Free Falls which is basically a game activated by 3 scatter symbols. check out the features to find out more.

Cosmic Fortunes Game Theme and graphics

The main game takes players to deepest, darkest space, where a mysterious spiral galaxy beckons in the background. The Avalanche™ Feature increases the chance of bigger wins on a spin. Symbols in winning combinations, apart from Scatter symbols, light up and disappear, leaving space for a second Avalanche of symbols for a chance of bigger wins. Players winning 3 Scatter symbols progress to Free Falls, with 10 Free Falls awarded for 3 Scatter symbols and an extra 5 for each additional Scatter symbol.

Features of Cosmic Fortunes


This is a unique slot feature where, instead of by a spin the symbols drop from top to bottom on the play screen, like an avalanche. So as the symbols fall and create a winning combination the symbols of the winning combo will disappear and new symbols take their place. This feature does not replace the scatter symbols. As long as the replacement symbols still form winning combinations the avalanche mode will continue to replace winning symbols with other symbols giving you endless winning potential. This feature is also available in the Free Spin mode of the Cosmic Fortune video slot game.

Substituting Wilds

The wild substitution symbol will replace any symbol on the slot reel excluding the scatter symbol to make sure you get the highest winning combo. The wild symbols are also available in Free Fall part of the video slot. Wild symbols seem to only appear in reels 2 and 4 for some reason.

Scatters and Free Falls

When you get 3 or more scatter symbols in any single spin a Free Fall mode will be activated. 3 Scatter symbols activate the Free Fall Mode and grant you 10 Free Falls and extra scatter symbol on top of that will earn you and extra 5 Free Falls, unfortunately during the Free Fall mode no more Free Falls can be earned or won. All winnings that are accumulated in the Free Fall Mode will be turned into marbles for the Free Fall Bonus game.

Free Fall bonus Round

Once the Free Fall has ended the marbles collected in the Free Fall are used in the bonus game which comprises of 5 collecting crafts 4 are winning cups which collect marbles for actual winnings that are relative to the wager in the beginning part of the video slot game, and the other is the Bonus round collector. 3 marbles have to be collected in the bonus collector craft in order to activate the Jackpot bonus round.

The jackpot Bonus Game

Once you have activated the Jackpot bonus game from the Free Fall Bonus game you are awarded 50 extra marbles in the jackpot Bonus game in order to increase your chances of winning that MEGA JACKPOT! There are a couple of features that appear on the jackpot game, There are 4 standard collector crafts that collect marbles for winnings, And then there are the eyes of the cosmic beast that collect marbles for a chance to win the Mega, Major, Rapid, Midi and mini jackpots. The eyes need to collect at least 3 marbles in order for the jackpot to be won. the jackpots are as follows:

  • The Rapid Jackpot: a fixed jackpot of € 100 (at maximum bet);
  • The Mini Jackpot: a fixed jackpot of € 500 (at maximum bet);
  • The Midi Jackpot: a progressive jackpot with an expected jackpot pay out value of € 4.000;
  • The Major Jackpot: a progressive jackpot with an expected jackpot pay out value of € 13.500;
  • The Mega Jackpot: a progressive jackpot with an expected jackpot pay out value of € 100.000.

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