Blood Suckers

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Blood Suckers

Type: Video Slots
Let me take you to a place very few mortals go, a place where blood runs like vater. The humble abode of vampires and nightly creatures that are out for blood. Blood suckers video slot is the stuff Steven king use to read as a child this horror orientated slot is really something. with it’s 90’s horror ambiance, sudden orchestra enhancements and vicious scatter symbol sounds. It will definitely leave a nightmare or 2 with you.

Blood Suckers Features

Blood Suckers Wild Substitution

The animated blood sucker wild sub is an animation of a vampire sinking his teeth into a gorgeous young women (what women do for eternal beauty). The wild like in most video slots can substitute almost any symbol on the reels to help you make the most out of your active bet lines. It can not substitute for Bonus symbols and Scatter symbols.

Blood Suckers Scatters and Free Spins Triggered

The blood suckers scatter symbol has to be the freakiest scatter on NetEnt that blonde bomb shell that was sucked dry by the vampire in the wild symbol we mentioned earlier came back as the un-dead broad from hell and scared us properly the first time we saw it. But besides that if you get 3 of these screeching vampire ladies on your reels you’re in luck cause you just won a round of free spins. 10 free spins to be exact, you can win even more free spins during the free spins round. Here’s the best part is that all your winnings in the free spin mode are multiplied by 3x!

Vampire Slaying Bonus Game

The wooden stake bonus symbol the only hope in this bloody mess is a sign that there is hope because if you get three of these on your reels you’re off to the graveyard bonus round where you get to slay the vampires in their coffins. One by one, you drive that stake through the heart of the vampires and earn extra coins doing it. If you open an empty coffin the bonus round is over and you have to return to the game.

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