Boom Brothers

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Boom Brothers

Type: Video Slots
The Boom Brothers are some outrageous characters. Three Dwarfs in this enormous mine with unlimited explosives, there is so much that can go wrong but at the same time so much can go oh so right. These 3 Dwarf Brothers are continuously trying to help you out with big wins with massive explosions in the 2nd chance feature and blowing up mines in the bonus rounds for Gold, Rubies and diamonds.

The three brothers spend their time blasting their way through the mine to help you find the riches hidden within. There are some standard features to this slot such as Wild Symbols and Free Spins. They have thrown a big of a spin on the bonus symbol though. Read more on the features below to find out more on the bonus symbol.

Features of Boom Brothers

Scatter and Wild Symbols

The wild symbol explodes when it is on a winning bet line. the Wild symbol will substitute for any symbol excluding the bonus and scatter symbols. The free spin scatter symbols will activate free once there are 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels. The Scatter icons will spin and reveal a number on the back of the symbol the total of all 3 numbers will be the total amount of Free spins you have won. All winnings in the free spin mode are multiplied by 3. You are able to win Free spin in free spin mode as well as in 2nd chance feature. Once the Free Spins are finished you will be returned to the main game.

2nd Chance Win Features in Boom Brothers

The Boom Brothers will help a brother in time of need. They believe in second chances. Thus they have the second chance feature where the Brothers will actually interact with the reels. They are quite entertaining to what as they maneuver their way around the reels. They only seem to interact with Reels 2, 3 and 4 for some reason.  The Blue Brother in a cart places a bomb at the base of up to 3 reels. When the bombs explode, the symbols are obliterated, leaving room for an avalanche of new symbols which fall into the empty reels. The oldest white Brother on a platform with a special lever sets one or more reels spinning and uses the same lever as a break to stop the spin. The youngest and  craziest Brother of the three  sets out in a home-made mine lift moves around the reels placing bombs on symbols. The bombs explode, and the symbols are replaced with wild symbols and once or twice he will be jet setting with a jet pack that flies to a symbol and hits it to make it spin on its axis.

Boom Brothers Rail-Track Feature

The bonus symbol is the  “Rail-track” symbol you have to get 3 or more to start off with. once you get these the remaining symbols blow up and the three symbols line up and you have to spin to get the remaining tracks in place. Only once you have  all 5 pieces of track in place can you enter the bonus round. The Bonus symbols work like this, if you get 3 bonus symbols you get double the winnings in the bonus game, if you get 4 “Rail-tracks” your winnings in the bonus game are tripled, but on the extremely lucky scenario that you score 5  “Rail-tracks” your winnings in the bonus round will be quadrupled

Bonus Game

Once all 5 “Rail-Track” symbols are in place the bonus round begins with all three Brothers in their mine carts awaiting your first selection of the carts at the bottom of the screen where the mine carts contain either gold, rubies or diamonds. Now The top level Brother collects diamond, the middle one collects rubies and the one on the bottom collects gold. So your selection from the 3 consecutive mine carts that are at the bottom of the screen will determine which cart will move forward on their track in order to blow the

  • The bonus game starts with the infamous Boom Brothers lining up on the left side of the game screen, each in their own custombuilt mine cart on their own unique set of railtracks. The railtracks run to a rock face on the right of the game screen. Each railtrack runs to a rock face containing gold, diamonds, or rubies.
  • Below them, a set of 3 carts are wheeled in. Hidden inside each cart is a pile of gold, diamonds, or rubies. In some cases, there is also a move multiplier. The player must select a cart to reveal which of the dwarves will move and by how much.
  • After a dwarf has moved, the carts below are replaced, and the player must select again.
  • This continues until one of the dwarves has reached the rock face (5 steps in total). The player wins the bonus coins associated with the winning dwarf’s rock face.
  • Win animation ends the bonus game and the player is returned back to the main game.

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