King of Slots

King of Slots

The game was originally designed for an amazing online casino called Casino Heroes which is an amazing online casino. I really recommend giving them a try, they have this whole fantasy world that they made up for players and you have to conquer areas of land by playing slots and moving up the rankings, very innovative.


King of Slots

Game Review

Back to the game now. King of Slots is a pretty generic video slot. You know the standard 5 reels 3 rows blah blah blah… What makes King of Slots stand out is the sticky wins. Yes that’s right sticky wins! When you hit a winning combination your win sticks and the reels roll again to add to your win and will keep doing this until you stop winning. It works with every symbol on the reels, including the scatter symbols and wild symbols maximizing your winning potential.

King of Slots Graphics

From a graphics point of view the game is clean well laid out and very easy to user, a few elements have been shuffled around like the level and coin value adjuster are both on the right hand side of the instrument panel.


Functionality, sorry to say not much innovation there, the game was coded in Flash 11 and not HTML5. Sorry Apple users.