Koi Princess

Koi Princess

A modern slot with a Japanese styled cartoon, known to most as anime. This original video slot was a new venture for the famous Netent designers. The game was designed to appeal to those who enjoy the famous Japanese Cartoons and almost stop motion graphics and impactful shouting expressions of excitement.


Koi Princess

Koi Princess styling and graphics

The style really submerses you into a Japanese culture, with its ambient music and oil washed backdrops of a Japanese countryside. Very authentic! Again the standard stuff you would expect to find on a Netent video slot 5 reels and 3 rows. Not much of the layout has changed for this one everything seems to be in the right place. Although they have added this “Bonus Bet” button to activate and deactivate a bonus bet on the right-hand side.


Koi Princess – Game review.

bonus symbolsI have to say that this may look like a standard video slot but there are some features that will amaze you, features you have never seen before in a video slot, for example the random koi fish that pop out below the reels saying pick me! Pick me! Are truly unexpected. These little fish give you a host of random features:

  • 5-hit – This feature give you 5 symbols on a random betting line the symbols are chosen via the bonus wheel that we will chat about at a later stage.
  • Random wilds – This feature will place 4-9 random wild symbols all over the reels to better your winning odds.
  • Wild reels – This feature fills a reel with an expanded wild symbol, 2-5 reels will be covered by this symbol when it has been activated.
  • Bonus game activation – The bonus game feature is this spinning wheel that pops out from below the reels with some seriously amazing bonus features. You might think I am crazy but you need to try it, it’s a feature a very valid feature. Features within features. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Any way back to the Koi Princess.

On this spinning wheel of joy, there are a number of symbol options and bonuses all you have to do is stop the wheel and it will start slowing down and stop on a random bonus feature or symbol.

The features and Symbols are:

  • Sure Win Free Spin – This is probably as close to a guaranteed win as you will ever get. You fist get 10 Free Sins minimum after that your first spin is a minimum of 20 coins which is multiplied by 2 to give you 40 free coins and if you have bonus bet activated the 40 coins gets multiplied again by the bonus bet multiplier. After that each free spin win will never be lower than the first free spin. Guaranteed Free Coins and Cash. And you can win more Sure Win Free Spins in this feature.
  • Wild Reels Free Spin – In this feature you get a minimum of 10 free spins and you are guaranteed a full reel wild on every free spin to increase your chances of winning big. Anything from 1 – 5 reels will be covered in a full Wild reel symbol.
  • Coin Win – Coins wins are quick and easy you won 600 coins on a spin it will be multiplied by 15-30 times that.
  • Bonus Wheel – Ah the bonus wheel, this feature takes you to a different part of the game where the dragons rule the bonus wheel. The wheel is divided into 12 sections and has 3 levels similar to that of the Mega Fortune jackpot bonus game.