NetEnt Software

NetEnt Software


Netent software was developed out a necessity for an exceptional casino experience. In 1996 a Scandinavian company was in the process of opening its own online casino. This proved to be quite a task as they were hitting snags with the quality of games that were offered by other casino software providers. So instead of giving up they started a completely new company, Net Entertainment AB to develop a new line of online casino games that met their extremely high standard.

This revolutionary development lead to the creation of what we now know as Netent and the best casino software provider on the web. They have been developing online casino games since they opened which gives them 2 decades of experience in designing and developing the best casino games imaginable. They are constantly developing new casino games and are relentless in the quest for the best online casino experience.

Their extensive game list includes but I presume not limited to their signature video slots, video poker games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, punto banco, classic slots, and live casino blackjack and roulette.

The company started off designing their casino games in flash which at the time was the pinnacle of design animation and they designed most their amazing games using flash animation and flash scripting. This was the way and the high level graphics and use of flash meant you never had to download any software for the casino to operate. All you had to do was go to a Netent casino, login and play your favourite casino game right on the browser no download needed. This separated them form other casino software providers as most casino software back then had to be downloaded via a download file (casino-sofware.exe or casino-software.dmg) which was a bit of a process which only Netent was able to relieve by being able to play right on the browser.

But technology being technology times changes and Netent software had to improve and evolve to keep up with the ever evolving times. Since most modern apple products do not accept or allow you to install the flash player on them things got a little tricky for Netent. Introducing HTML5 casino games. Netent started developing these modern coded casino games which enabled everyone to play Netent casino games and experience the online entertainment. Netent first HTML5 casino game was the Invisible man which was the benchmark for online casino games with its amazing graphics and seamless interface it was truly a corner stone of Netent transition into the 21st century and keeping its name as the leader in online casino games. Every game since Stickers has been developed in HTML5 for everyone to enjoy both on their desktop and mobile devices.

How reliable is Netent software?

Now that is the question. Everyone who plays on an online casino knows the risk of running into that rouge online casino and you play and play and when you want to withdrawal they refuse to process the withdrawal due the amount being too low or they just disappear altogether. Well you can rest assured that Netent software has been tested and tested and retested by leading gaming authorities to ensure that their software will ensure a safe and reliable gaming experience.

In fact Netent sends all of its games to the LGA (Licensed gaming Authority) in Malta to grade the software and gaming experience of each and every online game they produce. This process tests the game for glitches, fairness, loop holes, and overall security. Once they have those results they send it off to the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) to be verified on their reliability and safety. They get their best hackers on the job of trying to crack the games back end and to see if they can crack the software. Once the Hackers sign it off they send it off to auditors to verify the random number generator, which is the backbone of every online casino software. Once this has been verified the game is sent off to Netent with seals of approval for distribution and Netent sends this off to its licensed operators to let them know a new Netent addition is on the way. This round about the point where Netent casino bonuses finds out about a new game. At this very moment there are about 4-5 Netent video slots that are awaiting their seal of approval in Malta.

Mobile casino games

TOUCH_LOGO_RGB_BLACKYes NetEnt does provide certain casino games on their unique NetEnt Touch platform. which is compatible with most mobile devices. I have yet to get it to work on a blackberry though. The same level of dedication goes into their touch casinos as in their desktop platform. I actually prefer the touch version of NetEnt as I can go anywhere and play my favourite slot.


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